Zelensky and two Azov fighters speak inside the Greek parliament: One of the most disgraceful moments for the country that suffered most from the nazis

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3 min readApr 9, 2022


We thought that we had seen the worst with Mitsotakis regime in Greece. Yet, one of the worst Greek governments ever, did the unthinkable inside the Greek parliament. The MPs of the opposition parties caught by surprise when, in his speech, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky included a video message from two (allegedly Greek-ethnic) fighters from the neo-nazi Azov battalion.

The Speaker of the Parliament, Konstantinos Tasoulas, member of Mitsotakis’ New Democracy right-wing party, explained that they learned about the videotaped appearance of the fighters a few minutes before the speech of the Ukrainian President, but without knowing the content of their intervention. He described as “unnecessary and misplaced” the appearance of the two fighters, but stressed that we must stay in the big picture, which is the appearance of Zelensky.

Even if we are to believe Tasoulas’ ridiculous excuses, how is it possible for a president of a parliament to let someone speak without his speech being pre-scheduled and without knowing what they are going to say? Zelensky spoke to many other parliaments and nowhere dared to set-up such a disgraceful provocation.

Greece’s Communist Party stance to absent from Zelensky’s speech from the beginning, completely justified, while the party sharply criticized this unbelievable fiasco:

“Shame! Only this word can describe the current presence, through a teleconference, of the President of Ukraine in the Greek Parliament,” says the publications Radio 902.gr.

“V. Zelensky’s speech turned into a vicious show of money laundering by the reactionary government of Ukraine, in order to sanctify Euro-Atlantic propaganda, portraying even the Nazis as “freedom fighters”.

The masks literally fell off, irreparably exposing the government and other parties involved in this tasteless prank, when, after the Ukrainian president, an “expatriate” who “participates in the defense” of Mariupol through the Nazi “Order of Azov” spoke up”, — emphasized the Greek communists.

The Greek communists, from the very beginning of hostilities in Ukraine, chose anti-war stancedeclaring this war imperialist and blaming the authorities of Ukraine, the USA, NATO and Russia for it.

In total, Zelensky’s speech lasted 15 minutes. At the end of it, Olga Gerovasili, secretary of the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance party, noted that it was unacceptable to invite members of the Azov Regiment to speak. She stressed that at the meeting of party leaders she would ask the Speaker of Parliament Tasoulas for an explanation as to whether he was informed about this and whether he gave his consent to it.

Yet, this great fiasco sparked a storm of outraged comments in the Greek social media. Many twitter users called Tasoulas to resign. And several SYRIZA supporters were expressed their disappointment for the fact that SYRIZA’s MPs had chosen to stay until the end of Zelensky’s speech, claiming that the whole team of the party should leave immediately with the video-appearance of Azov nazis.

It would be worth to note that even some of the most conservative pro-Western members of New Democracy expressed their annoyance about the fiasco. Former PM, Antonis Samaras, stated that it was “a big mistake”.

Yet, Mitsotakis’ Western puppets didn’t hesitate to stand up and give a prolonged applause to Zelensky, right after the end of his speech. Apparently, they are so blindly devoted to their US/European bosses that couldn’t even realize how disgraceful that moment for the Greek parliament and their country was. And they couldn’t imagine the wave of outrage from all political directions and ordinary Greeks it would spark.

April 7, 2022 will be marked as one of the most disgraceful days for the Greek parliament and the country that suffered most from the nazis during WWII. Thanks to one of the worst regimes that the country has seen after the fall of the military junta in 1974.

Originally published at http://failedevolution.blogspot.com on April 9, 2022.