Evidence that the US imperialists “predicted” Russia’s invasion of Ukraine months before it happened

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4 min readMar 26, 2022


It’s no secret that the biggest winners of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine were the major US arms companies a.k.a the military-industrial complex, and, the major US liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporters. The latest are about to make unprecedented profits from numerous deals with Europe as a consequence of the soaring prices — due to the sanctions against Russia and the suspension of Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline.

The US LNG producers are now at the center of the war-profiteering lobbies after the recent deal with the EU. As reported by Bloomberg: [emphasis added]

The U.S. and the European Union will push to boost supplies of liquefied natural gas to European countries by the end of 2022 in a bid to begin to displace some Russian gas, a political framework that now leaves companies to sort out the details.

Under the agreement, Europe will get at least 15 billion cubic meters of additional LNG supplies by the end of the year, though it’s not clear where it will come from. Member states will also work to ensure demand and facilities to take in up to 50 billion cubic meters of American fuel until at least 2030. The aim is to work with international partners to help the continent wean itself off Russian gas, which accounts for about 40% of Europe’s needs. The issue is critical as Russia is the EU’s biggest gas supplier. The EU also relies on the country for the biggest share of its coal and oil imports, and has struggled to shift its energy policy away from Moscow. The details of how the plan works is now in the hands of energy companies, with American LNG shippers and German buyers set to meet next week in Berlin to hash out possible deals.
The U.S. has already been providing more LNG to Europe, with shipments doubling to record 4.4 billion cubic meters in January and a similar level in February. Supplying another 15 billion cubic meters could be feasible as long as Europe continue to pay a premium to cargoes compared to Asian buyers. A significant boost to global LNG supplies will only come from 2025, when new projects are scheduled to come online.

It’s also unclear whether the supplies would be coming from additional production or from cargoes being redirected from other regions. Currently, European buyers are competing with Asian countries for the world’s limited supply of LNG cargoes.

Although Bloomberg’s article claims that it’s “ unclear whether the [LNG] supplies would be coming from additional production or from cargoes being redirected from other regions”, another article by Reuters, from early March, was quite clear on where the additional US LNG would come from: [emphasis added]

Prices have risen so much in Europe that traders of LNG cargoes would rather pay millions of dollars in penalties for non-delivery to other countries for the opportunity to sell the cargoes at a premium to European buyers, said Oystein Kalleklev, chief executive of shipowner FLEX LNG Management.

Two sources at a major energy firm, who asked not to be named, said that over the past three months the United States has diverted several dozen cargoes to Europe from their previous Asian destinations. A typical cargo is about 3 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

The last paragraph provides an astonishing information, which passed rather unnoticed. It’s actually hard evidence that the US imperialists “predicted” Russia’s invasion of Ukraine months before it happened (apparently way before December 2021).

Essentially, this is a strong indication that the timeline of provoking Russia into a military operation was pre-scheduled by the US imperialists, and the US LNG lobby had been informed in order to make the appropriate moves on time and achieve maximum gains.

As we wrote in previous article, finally, the US imperialists pulled their best card to force Putin take military action against Ukraine. They put again on the table the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO through their puppet Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Russia’s last red line was violated and Putin saw the invasion of Ukraine as the only option left.

Recall that new information — coming from the elite section of the US think tank apparatus — proved that the US imperialists wanted to drag Russia into a war with Ukraine since at least 2019.

Also, it would be worth to note that some leaked TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) documents from 2016 revealed that the EU demanded “ a legally binding commitment to eliminate all existing restrictions on the export of natural gas in trade between “ the US and EU.

Originally published at http://failedevolution.blogspot.com on March 26, 2022.