Corporate Dems give podium to Republicans and war criminals while trying to bury their own progressives — they will lose again

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5 min readAug 21, 2020


They are doing it again. The corporate Democrats, fully committed to their wealthy donors, are following the same strategy which led them to a humiliating defeat, when they lost to the “orange demagogue” in 2016.

We are talking about their strategy to “fish” Republican voters, instead of trying to inspire millions of others· traditional Democrats, Leftists, independents, or people who are not participating in the political process at all.

And they could do it very easily. Without “stigmatizing” themselves as “Democratic Socialists” (one of the things they fear and despise most), like Bernie Sanders did. All they had to do, was to stand solid in favor of key issues which are now very popular among the American people: Medicare for All, public education, UBI, no more disastrous wars. They couldn’t even exhibit the slightest commitment on at least some of those issues during their recent convention-parody.

As Jimmy Dore put it:

Why not trying to get Lefties? Why not trying to inspire people who consider themselves traditional Democrats to vote for you? Why not trying to get some of those hundred million people who didn’t vote, come out and vote for you? Because that would mean they have to serve those people.

In 2016, the establishment of the Democratic Party literally sabotaged Bernie Sanders through an all-out war. Apart from the dirty war against him from inside the DNC, revealed by WikiLeaks, the liberal machine (affiliated to the corporate Democrats), used all its propaganda firepower to make Democratic voters believe that Bernie didn’t have a chance against Trump. And all this, despite the fact that according to various polls, Bernie could beat Trump by even ten points in some cases.

And they played this game again in order to get rid of Bernie for good. In the beginning of the Democratic primaries, Sanders seemed to be winning overwhelmingly the popular vote. Yet, suddenly, Joe Biden, a totally-unable-to-inspire typical neoliberal centrist, miraculously found himself winning critical states.

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic was another factor that worked in favor of Biden as it halted abruptly Bernie’s momentum, generated in his — full of youth pulse — crowded rallies.

Yet, Biden won to a significant extent due to the narratives created by the liberal machine, frequently in collaboration with the ultra-conservative media. That is, they used a kind of a Socialist-scare against Bernie to make moderate voters eventually choose the more “approachable” Biden. And the key argument of the whole operation was, (more or less), that Bernie would scare moderate voters (both Democrats and Republicans) with his “Socialist” ideas. Therefore, he would eventually lose to Trump.

All these, of course, assuming that the process was not rigged against Bernie, something which should not surprise us at all.

However, it’s not possible for the corporate Democrats to recruit the same narratives again. That’s because it has been proven in practice that the Socialist agenda is very popular, as progressives continue to gain momentum since the 2018 primaries. Recently, more and more progressives won through popular vote in the primaries, solely based on their Socialist agenda, without the support of big money.

As we wrote previously, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar renewed their terms through recent victories and Cori Bush, another progressive of critical importance, has joined recently the progressive wing (among others), through astunning victory.

So, this time, corporate Democrats had absolutely no excuse to ignore progressives and turn to Republican voters.

Yet, what did they do? They promoted inside their own convention some Republican political figures and even war criminals, when at the same time, they shut down the voice of their own progressives. What else do you need to know to understand that they are not willing to make the slightest retreat towards popular policies?

This week's moderate republican convention is so weird

- Rania Khalek (@RaniaKhalek) August 18, 2020I think there's a war criminal speaking quota at the DNC

- Secular Talk (@KyleKulinski) August 18, 2020

- Katie Halper (@kthalps) August 19, 2020

Colin Powell speaking at the #DemocraticConvention? Really? The guy who lied at the UN to drag us into war with Iraq? The guy responsible for the death of 1000s of US soldiers, countless Iraqis, trillions of $ wasted? I'm feeling sick.#DNC2020

- Medea Benjamin (@medeabenjamin) August 19, 2020

Anderson Cooper made a good observation just now, that the Republican party no longer represents the party of Reagan and Bush, but rather the Dem convention seems to be full of those people. Exactly. There are Republicans and there are Trump Republicans. Those are our options ☹️

- Rania Khalek (@RaniaKhalek) August 19, 2020

And guess what: all these, despite the fact that some polls were showing that voters wanted to hear more from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than from the Republican John Kasich, or even from the neoliberal “dinosaur” Bill Clinton!

Now, guess what else: Trump starts closing the gap in the polls! Naturally. Even in the middle of a pandemic, corporate Democrats didn’t think that it would be a good idea to offer something to millions of working class Americans who are literally struggling to survive. Just to make some difference against the ruthless Republicans.

So, here is how much determined the corrupt DNC barons are to restore neoliberal order. They will prefer to lose again to an awful demagogue (who failed to respond effectively to this terrible pandemic), than open the road to the progressives and change their party to the core, for the benefit of all the Americans.

And like good hypocrites, they will put the blame again on Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, the Greens, third parties, progressives, Leftists, the Russians, and just about everyone else but themselves.

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